Things to do and see in Baku

Bayil Castle

This is the historical monument that is located near to the Bayil cape of Baku area and presently remained at the end of the sea. Being one of the most wonderful works of the Shirvan-Absheron architectural school and made in the XIII century, Bayil Castle sometimes comes to the surface by the lowering and the rising of the waters of the Caspian Sea and sometimes it goes away completely. It disappears.  Though the Castle was named differently in various sources (“Underwater City”, “Komrukkhana”, “Caravansarai”, “Bayil Stones”, “Sabail Castle”,”Caravansarai”, “Khanagah” etc.) its name in scientific literature is needed as “Bayil Castle”. Bayil Castle length is 180 m, a normal width of 35 meters. East of castle walls were fortified with six and five semicircular in the west (such as the Baku Castle) towers.

Construction of Bayil Castel was completed at the period of political-military chaos in the Middle East caused by Mongol invasions (years 1234-1235). On the other hand, the life of this wonderful castle, which was built on island close to the sea, was not that long. According to scientists, in 1306 because of strong earthquake, it was sunken in the sea.

The Bayil Castel is only 9 min (11.1 km) from the Heydar Aliyev International Airport of Baku, if you go via the Mardakan Highway.


Maiden Tower

Oahu is the most mysterious and majestic monument of architecture in the city Baku as well as in the Absheron peninsula. The Tower is located towards the seaside park (Boulevard), in the south-eastern of the ancient fortress walls (Icherisheher). This rare monument with three towers has plenty of architectural and historical problems.

The height of this tower is 30 meters. The wall thickness in the ground floor is 5 meters. The inner side of this Tower is divided in 8 floors. Each floor was covered with dome-shaped ceiling made with hewn stones. The Tower began to work as a museum in 1964, and in 2000 it was enlisted in the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

There are airplane line that can take you from the airport straight to the Maiden Tower for abour 2h and 50 minutes. It’s definitely worth the time and money!

Maiden Tower baku

Shirvanshah Palace

Palace complex, which was built in the XV century during the reign of Shirvanshah Ibrahim Khalilullah. The palace complex located at the heart of Baku, in the Old City is amongst the Middle East’s most well-known architectural monuments. The place includes Shirvanshahs palace, the palace bath as well as the Reservoir, Keyqubad mosque, courthouse, Shah Mosque (1441), tomb of Shirvan (1435-1436), Seyed Yahya Bakuvi tomb, Murad Gates (1585). Since 1964 it functions as a museum-reservation and it’s protected by the state.

In 2000, it was included by the UNESCO in the list of the World Cultural Heritage together with the Old City and Maiden’s Tower.

If you just arrived in Baku and you want to go straight to Shirvanshah Palace if will only take you 23 min (25.9 kmvia Airport Rd and Heydar Aliyev Ave. And you can do this by renting a car or simply by taking the public transport.

Shirvanshah Palace baku

Temple of fire – Ateshgah

The Temple of Fire “Ateshgah” is found 30 km from Baku, in the south-eastern of the settlement of Surakhani. “Ateshgah” was made in the place of endless unquenchable fires in the VII-XVIII centuries, at the place of natural gas outlet. The earliest construction of this temple, stable relates to 1713 AD, and the actual central temple-worship was created on funds of the Kanjanaqara in 1810.

Surakhani “Ateshgah” made up of the temple itself, cells of Indian pilgrims and also rooms. Ateshgah was built by local craftsmen based on the idea of the Indians, who ordered this monument.

In general, Ateshgah looks like city Karvansaray form its structure. For its industrial style the monument ‘echoes’ Median time fire worships in Azerbaijan. However, it retained the highlights of some Indian temples.

And the highlight of this all? Its only 10 min (9.5 km) from the International Airport of Baku. You can even go there by walking and enjoying the wonderful wonders of Baku on the way.

Temple of fire – Ateshgah baku

Ramany Tower

It is a Tower relevant to XVI century and situated in Ramany village of Baku. The specific height of this Tower is 15 meters. The exact date of construction of this lovely Tower, which was created of white stone, is unknown. Perhaps, it was built because of defense purposes and was used as a castle at the time of Shirvanshah State.

Historians have noted that there was an underground road from Ramany Tower towards Maiden Tower.

For 23 min without traffic you can go there from the International Airport of Baku.

Ramany Tower baku

Mardakan Tower

It is an ancient fortress within the Mardakan settlement of the Baku area. The tower was built and made in four-cornered shape, in the middle of the XIV century by Shirvanshah Akhsitan son of Shirvanshah Manuchohr. Mardakan Tower was created for honoring the bright victory of Akhsitan against the enemies. Tower was useful for purposes of shelter of feudal and of course as a watching point.

The Tower’s peak is 22 meters, the thickness is below 2.10 meters and also 1.60 meters towards the top. Its inner yard is 28×25. The tower had been divided into 5 ranges from inside.

Thrilled from this wonderful history of this castle? It take 23 min (25.6 km) from Baku Airport and Heydar Aliyev Ave to get there.

Mardakan Tower baku

 Shikh Tower

The tower, which had been built at the height of 16 meters in Mardakan, had been almost, entirely used as a watching point. Mardakan people call it the Light Tower. According to the some historical sources, the division of location of this Tower might be a land that belongs to the Sheikh Sayid Abdukheyr. For that reason, the name of building was as Sheikh, then Shikh, and finally after distortion by local people it is named as the Light Tower (Ishiq). It is noted that the date of the building of this Tower is 1232, and it was built by Masud Oglu Abdulmajid.

Just 2 hours and 55 minutes with airplane from Baku Airport. Definitely worth seeing!


It is situated in Gobustan settlement of Garadagh district, 56 km from Baku. This historic spot is approximately 3-4 kilometer.

One of the earth’s most ancient and prosperous historical monuments of Azerbaijan is well-known Gobustan rock depictions. There are lots of graves, rock drawings, settlements, camps and monuments etc, of the Stone Age, witnesses of theglorius pas of the great people of Azerbaijan in Boyukdash, Sonqardag mountains of Gobustan, Sıkhqaya,  Cingirdag, and also. Kichikdash. It’s possible to meet monuments of all periods in the Mesolite to middle Ages within the territory of Boyukdash.

Just 1 h 14 min (85.7 km) from Baku Airport via Salyan Highway. 

Gobustan baku


 With many attractions and great beaches, holidays in Baku are perfect for the family. Experience fun for everyone’s age at the fantastic new Baku water park area, situated in the Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel which is approximately 20 KM away from the Airport Baku, Heydar Aliyev International Airport.

 Visiting the water park

This water park is considered one of Baku’s most sought-after family attractions. They have over 11 ‘slips’ for children and adults to have fun with, from the fun wave slide and rafting slide towards more adventurous black pits and kamikaze slides. There’s also special slides for babies and toddlers, as well as play areas out of the pool water.

Adults can swim calmly on our huge pool or relax on any pool-side sunbed while children play. Our water park café allows you to enjoy a drink by the pool too, as nicely as offering lovely al-fresco food.

This exciting water park is free for the hotel guests and members of the Talise Fitness, but other visitors and also residents of the city of Baku might have to buy entry tickets during the week.

Leisure activities for the Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Resort

At the Jumeirah Bilgah Seaside Hotel, the guests can expect numerous of leisure activities that are perfect for relaxing in Baku. Take advantage of the serenity of our individual beach, which boasts wonderful views of the Caspian Sea. Rejuvenate your mind and body at the Talise Health spa, catch up on your current fitness regime at this very well-equipped gym or challenge your family and friends to a match in their tennis, volleyball and also basketball courts.

They also have an exquisite sauna, water room and traditional Turkish Hammam that can help the guests experience total relaxation.

Address: 94, Gelebe Street | Bilgah District, Baku AZ 1122, Azerbaijan


Phone number: + 971 4 364 7111

waterpark baku


Baku is amongst the world’s most exciting up-and-coming vacation destinations. Whether on a beach holiday or perhaps a romantic Baku vacation, Azerbaijan’s capital city offers an enchanting mix of background, culture and entertainment.

The romantic trip to Baku

Baku’s mixture of eastern charm and modern attractions causes it to be a truly unique city for just a romantic holiday. Stroll round the old city and marvel for the romantic, medieval architecture which characterizes its streets. Its most famous landmark is the Maiden Tower, whose name is from a royal lady who jumped of this big tower and then died. Other sights worth visiting are the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and also Martyr Hill.

The stretch of individual beachs in Baku are wonderful places for couples to take enjoy the company of each other. For a relaxing experience with this bustling city, visit a public bath and fall in love with hammam baths. Or arrange couples’ treatments in a luxury spa.

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Nights away in Baku

At night, Baku blazes with colorful entertainment along with a buzzing atmosphere. Enjoy an enchanting meal in one of many restaurants Baku has to offer and taste the traditional, delicious food of this place. From Italian food for you to modern interpretations of regional dishes, restaurants in Baku are just the same as those in London, Paris and New York. Sip a classic cocktail or perhaps a glass of local wine after dinner and discover the capital’s natural wonder. For a cultural event for the two of you, the Baku State Festival hosts some spectacular show routines, while the city’s numerous theatre, dance and operas offer an unforgettable date for people on romantic holidays in Baku.

baku at night

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