Attractions of Baku

Its spectacular Caspian Sea setting means that Baku, the dynamic cash of Azerbaijan, is home to attractive beaches where holidaymakers can relax under the sun. Explore a Baku beach over your holiday in the city and appreciate the beauty of this mesmerizing shoreline.

Exploring Baku’s beaches

Baku is upon the Absheron Peninsula in Azerbaijan, and is also the largest city of the region aside the Caspian Sea. This huge body of water should be the world’s largest lake but its expansiveness means that it truly resembles an ocean in the shores of Baku.

Baku’s city-Centre beaches offer an excellent vantage point for vacationers hoping to gaze for the Caspian. However, for individuals planning beach holidays in Baku, the beaches out of the town offer more beautiful destinations. Only in the north of Baku is actually Bilgah Beach, which has clean sand and great Caspian views.

Private beaches in Baku

On the Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Resort, guests can experience total tranquility on this individual beach. This private beach in Baku stretches for 300-metres across the shores of the Caspian Sea and supplies the ones who go to the beach with sunbeds and also hammam towels, as well as elevator having access to the hotel. Bilgah Beach is a wonderful home for swimming spots inside the Caspian, and the refreshment service will make certain that guests are kept hydrated throughout their stay.

Travelers in Baku may discover more about the city and the Caspian Sea over a boat trip or any rented yacht, which is usually hired from various clubs round the city.


 The Caspian Sea is amongst the world’s most recognizable figures of water. Offering fantastic views and several beautiful beaches, the Caspian Sea is gradually becoming the most exciting tourist attractions inside the Caucasus.

caspian sea baku

 What’s so special about the Caspian Sea?

For some people, the Caspian Sea is amongst the world’s smallest oceans, to others it is its largest lake. Even so, carrying nearly 19,000 cubic mls of water, it is certainly the most important enclosed water body on earth. The Caspian Sea is actually bordered by five countries: Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and also Iran. More than 130 different rivers flow into this sea’s body of water, most famously the Water Volga from Russia and the Ural River from Kazakhstan.

Many Archaeologists have found so much remains of ancient human habitation round the Caspian Sea, but as many other seas, The Caspian today it is best known for its energy-rich traits. Drilling activities have attracted many international companies towards area and Oil rigs can be found over the Caspian. Resultantly, there are many hectic towns and cities across the shores of the Caspian Seashore, but Baku – money of Azerbaijan – no doubt that is the largest!

Exploring the Caspian from Baku

Baku sits for the Absheron Peninsula, overseeing the Caspian Sea, and its unique destinations and the charming atmosphere ensure it is the ideal place from where to explore this intriguing body of water. You must have a boat trip to sail across the Caspian, or rent a yacht to explore in a peaceful way. Baku boasts some spectacular beaches too – you can go and relax in the beautiful Bilgah Beach with your dearest ones or spend the afternoon at a Baku beach front club to gaze for the Caspian Sea surrounded simply by luxurious comforts.

For every one that is staying longer for a day or two in Baku we have prepared a list of 30 important places and attractions that you should visit before packing your luggage and head back to Airport Baku and fly back home, and instead of spending your time in your hotel lobby or asking taxi drivers where to go print out this list and start enjoying it.

  1. Baku Boulevard
  2. Old City Baku
  3. Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center
  4. Gobustan Rock Art
  5. Flame Towers
  6. Maiden’s Tower
  7. Fountain Square
  8. City Walls
  9. Baku Funicular
  10. Martyrs’ Lane
  11. Miniature Books
  12. Taghiyev History Museum
  13. Palace of the Shirvanshahs
  14. Bibi-Heybat Mosque
  15. Upland Park
  16. National Flag Square
  17. Aqua Park – Kempinski Hotel Baku
  18. Oil-Boomtown
  19. Monument to Richard Sorge
  20. National Carpet Museum
  21. Baku Nobel Heritage Fund
  22. Ateshgah – Fire Temple
  23. Qala Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum Complex
  24. Quobustan Petroglyph Reserve
  25. Nizami Museum of Literature
  26. Yanar Dag
  27. International Mugham Center of Azerbaijan
  28. Green Theatre
  29. ISKCON Baku
  30. Holy Myrrhbearers Cathedral

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